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Mayra Ramirez

Economics, Math Tutor

Hi! I'm Mayra Ramirez, a first generation college graduate with a masters in accounting. I'm currently finance/hr analyst at a Colorado School district. I can help you out with mathematics, excel, and accounting!

Jon Vigne

Social Studies Tutor

Hi! I am a retired Social Studies teacher. I formally taught students who were deaf (using American Sign Language). I am interested in tutoring student in either Social Studies classes (Geography, US History, Government, Law, Psychology, or Economics), or teaching students who are learning ASL as a foreign language.

Margaret Newby

English, Math, Science, Social Studies Tutor

Hi! I'm Margaret Newby. I have tutored students for 20 years. I love helping students one on one. I have experience with American history, world history, economics, nutrition, government, and English. I will try to help with almost any subject you need.

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