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Shalaka Natu

Biology, Chemistry, English, Math Tutor

Hi! I'm a Biochemistry major at the University of Rochester as part of the Rochester Early Medical Scholars (REMS) program. I have experience tutoring younger students in math, reading fluency/ comprehension, and writing (I would love to continue doing that). I can also tutor high schoolers in biology, chemistry, English lit, and writing.

Chase Gordanier

English Writing, Math, Physics, SAT/ACT Math Tutor

Hi! I am a sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Electrical and Computer Engineering with minors in leadership, computer science, and business. I can tutor math, physics, and writing, as well as ACT/SAT.

Rhyia Bibby

English, History, SAT/ACT English Tutor

Hi! I'm a junior majoring in journalism with minors in psychology and political science at Northeastern University. My passions are reading and writing, and have been published in several local news publications in Boston. My philosophy is that no great writer was born great, and good writing can in fact be taught!

Dominic Cingoranelli

English, History, Math Tutor

Hi! I can tutor math up through Calc BC, AP Gov/APUSH, and pretty much anything literature/english-related

Dave Clark

English Composition, News Writing, Public Speaking Tutor

Hi, friends! Graduate of Baylor University, investigator and radio/tv producer for 40 years, I've learned a thing or two I can share with you! Need help expressing your thoughts verbally or in writing? Let's talk!

Margaret Newby

English, Math, Science, Social Studies Tutor

Hi! I'm Margaret Newby. I have tutored students for 20 years. I love helping students one on one. I have experience with American history, world history, economics, nutrition, government, and English. I will try to help with almost any subject you need.

Kalia Hunter

English, History, Math, SAT/ACT English Tutor

Hi everyone! I am a rising senior at Dartmouth College. I’m currently studying sociology and African American Studies! I went to Palmer High School where I tutored math and other subjects! I can help in the humanities and ACT English areas! I can also help with college/scholarship applications and essays!

John Horbacz

English Tutor

Hi everyone! I am a retired high school English teacher. I spent thirty years of my career in Colorado Springs. I taught all levels through Honors and AP. During my teaching career, I focused on developing students’ writing abilities and improving their communication skills. I hope I can help you improve your English skills.

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