Earth and Space
Frontiers of Science

Dates: July 12 - July 23   MWF 5-6 PM MT

Venue: All classes will be held on Zoom

Description: A journey through guided and engaging explorations of a variety of science topics, ranging from space to biology to sustainability and more!

Student Ages: Elementary & Middle School


  • July 12: Space - An exploration of the worlds beyond our own. We'll journey across the cosmos, encountering stars, black holes, and planets. We'll also use some online interactive simulators to understand how planets across space can sustain life like ours. 

  • July 14: Biology - Join us as we seek to understand how life on our planet operates to sustain intself. We'll explore biology on land, water, and using stunning pictures, videos, and virtual simulations. 

  • July 16: Chemistry - Come get your hands dirty with some fun and safe experiments you can try at home! In an effort to understand the world around us, we'll examine how everyday household materials react to produce surprising physical results.

  • July 19: Prehistoric Biology and Evolution - Join us as we go on a journey through time, exploring the world of the dinosaurs, their extinction, and our evolution. We'll seek to understand how life evolved from its beginnings, and how it has sustained itself through mass extinctions in our plante's lifetimes, and set the groundwork for how we can sustain life today moving forward.

  • July 21: Sustainability - Let us examine the most pressing issue of our time: climate change and sustainability of life on Earth. Many believe we are living through a mass extinction driven by a rapidly changing climate. We'll explore how humanity can provide hope of a better future for all ecosystems on earth through climate science research and innovations.