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Advita Bhatia

French, Math, Music, Science, SAT/ACT Tutor

Hi! I'm a freshman majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Music at UCCS. As a tutor, I believe in high quality targeted teaching and the regular growth of my students. I've completed AP courses in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Calculus BC. I also have experience tutoring science and math as a peer tutor.

Arjun Kudinoor

Math, Physics, SAT/ACT Math Tutor

Hi! I'm a sophomore Science Research Fellow at Columbia University studying Physics and Mathematics. I have experience tutoring middle school, high school, and college students in Math, Physics, and standardized testing. I am very comfortable tutoring Math up to Multivariable Calculus.

Dominic Cingoranelli

English, History, Math Tutor

Hi! I can tutor math up through Calc BC, AP Gov/APUSH, and pretty much anything literature/english-related

Kalia Hunter

English, History, Math, SAT/ACT English Tutor

Hi everyone! I am a rising senior at Dartmouth College. I’m currently studying sociology and African American Studies! I went to Palmer High School where I tutored math and other subjects! I can help in the humanities and ACT English areas! I can also help with college/scholarship applications and essays!

Mohit Bhat

Computer Science, Math, Physics, SAT/ACT Math Tutor

Hi! I'm a Junior ECE major at CU Boulder with experience in Physics up to Quantum Mechanics and Math up to graduate level. I have 3 years tutoring experience in Math and Physics, accommodating all learning styles and approaches.

Sandra Davis

Biology, Math Tutor

Hello everyone! I am a semi-retired Genetics and Population Ecology Associate Professor working with female Cadets from the Air Force Academy in STEM areas. I enjoy hiking, swimming, music, and wildflowers (interpreter). Oh, and I love animals. I have been working with K-20 students and teachers in math and science areas for 30+ years and want to help each and every student become successful in their learning!

Shalini Kudinoor

Math Tutor

Hi! I am a junior at Discovery Canyon Campus and I have experience tutoring middle school and some high school math up to Geometry. I can work with all learning styles as well.

Amanda Clark

Chemistry, Math Tutor

Hi! My name is Amanda Clark and I am a senior at Liberty High School. I enjoy reading, swimming, math, and hanging out with my family. I have taken AP Calculus, Honors Pre-Calculus, and Honors Algebra 2 and have gotten A's in all three classes. I have also taken AP Chemistry and got an A in the course.

Chase Gordanier

English, Math, Physics, SAT/ACT Math Tutor

Hi! I am a sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Electrical and Computer Engineering with minors in leadership, computer science, and business. I can tutor math, physics, and writing, as well as ACT/SAT.

Dylan Breglio

Math Tutor

Hi! I am excellent at math, and can help with various other STEM related subjects.

Kobe Neal

Computer Science, Math Tutor

Hi! I'm a sophomore at UCCS studying Computer Security and working at IT Help Desk. I have completed two courses on Java programming in college, and 3 in high school, self taught Linux. I'm able to tutor in Java, Linux/Unix, and Calculus I.

Nicole Rosa

Math Tutor

Hi! I grew up in Pittsburgh and majored in Math at Carnegie Mellon University. Then I moved to Colorado because I fell in love with the mountains! I quit a corporate/cubicle" software engineering job because I wanted something a little more rewarding. I absolutely love working with students of all ages, teaching all levels of Math up through Calculus. When I'm not tutoring Math, I'm either up on Pikes Peak with my dog or riding my bike.

Sebastian Rossi

Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, SAT/ACT Tutor

Hi! I am a sophomore John Jay Scholar at Columbia University majoring in physics with concentrations in math and CS. I have experience tutoring students in middle school and beyond in physics, math, cs, and standardized testing.

Amogh Parvate

Biology, Math Tutor

Hey there! I'm an upcoming Junior in Aragon High School, and I'm very excited to get to know you! I've completed AP courses in both Biology and Calculus BC, and have experience tutoring. I also like to swim, and was on the Aragon Swim Team!

Debbie Monahan

Math Tutor

Hi! I am a Colorado certified elementary teacher with grade 7-12 math endorsement. I have 13 years of experience tutoring math from 2nd to 12th grade. I love helping students gain confidence with their math skills so they can be successful in math. I can tutor math Kindergarten through Algebra 2.

Kaleb Neal

Math, SAT/ACT Math Tutor

Hi! I am a mathematics major at the University of Oklahoma with a 4.0 GPA and senior standing! I can help you with all areas of mathematics through abstract algebra and analysis!

Margaret Newby

English, Math, Social Studies Tutor

Hi! I'm Margaret Newby. I have tutored students for 20 years. I love helping students one on one. My real strength is math and science. I can tutor basic math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry , and some calculus and statistics.

Rohan Nandakumar

Computer Science, Math, Physics Tutor

Hi! I am currently a sophomore at Georgia Tech studying Electrical Engineering and I around 2 years of tutoring experience as I was previously a math tutor at Mathnasium, a tutoring company. Some thing cool about me is I’m on the tennis team here at Tech.

Shalaka Natu

Biology, Chemistry, English, Math Tutor

Hi! I'm a Biochemistry major at the University of Rochester as part of the Rochester Early Medical Scholars (REMS) program. I have experience tutoring younger students in math, reading fluency/ comprehension, and writing (I would love to continue doing that). I can also tutor high schoolers in biology, chemistry, English lit, and writing.

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