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 Happy Pi Day!

What Is Pi Day?
March 14 (3.14) is Pi Day, named after the approximate value of our favorite greek letter, number, and dessert Pi. Pi Day is also the birthday of our favorite Physicist, Albert Einstein! At Tutors For Change, we're celebrating Pi Day with some videos about Pi, Pi-related activities, and Pi amount donations to support our efforts.
Take a look through this page to participate in our celebration of the most delicious mathematical holiday of the year! 
A River Full of Pi
Pi is one of the most fundamental quantities of nature - it shows up in Mathematics, the laws of Physics, and even in our rivers! Take a look at how this delicious letter describes the mighty rivers that flow across our planet!
Calculate the Value of Pi Using Random Numbers
3.14, an approximation of Pi, is one of the most well-known numbers in Mathematics. But, how can we calculate this approximation? Here's a way to do it using random numbers!
In the program below, we randomly plot points on a 1x1 grid. We mark the points inside a quarter-circle of radius 1 with a red color, and points outside this quarter circle with blue. Then, we count the number of red dots and divide it by the total number of dots. What does this give us? It gives us the area of the quarter circle, which should be Pi/4. If we multiply this area by 4, we get an approximate value for Pi.
You can play around with the simulation to find approximations for the value of Pi using different numbers of dots!
Pie Recipes
Here's a link to some great Pie recipes published by Today.com! Let us know if you have some Pie recipes of your own, and we'll put it up on our website to celebrate the next Pi Day!
Lemon Pie
It's Quiz Time!
Think you know all about Pi? Test your knowledge with our short quiz! You might learn something new too!
Donate Pi to Us
Thank you so much for celebrating Pi Day with us! Our vision is to create a world free of barriers to receiving a good eduation. Beyond our tutoring efforts, we hope that celebrations like Pi Day also foster a sense of curiosity that works towards achieving our vision. Contributions from individuals like you help us continue to offer our services for virtually no cost to students across the country. Please consider contributing Pi amounts of donations to help support our efforts.
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