Frequently Asked Questions For Volunteers

Signing Up To Volunteer

How do I sign up to volunteer/tutor with Tutors For Change?

Thank you for considering to volunteer with us! You can join us by filling out the form on our "JOIN" page on our website at

Do you have positions besides being a tutor?

Yes! We have many volunteer positions besides being a tutor. You can check them out at

Do you conduct background checks on volunteers?

To ensure the safety of all members of Tutors For Change, we ensure all our volunteers are background checked before they interact with our students. Once you have signed up to join us, we will reach out with more information on our background checking process.

Scheduling and Hours

How do I schedule tutoring sessions with my student?

We will contact you when we have students who would like to get tutoring. If you agree to tutor them, then we will send you their contact information via email. You can contact the student (or their parent) using their contact info to schedule tutoring sessions with them.

How many hours per week do I need to tutor?

We do not have strict requirements on tutoring hours per week. On average, our tutors tutor 2-3 students, which is about 2-4 hours per week.

Do I need to log my tutoring hours?

Yes. Please log your tutoring hours on the "LOG TUTORING HOURS" page under the "FOR VOLUNTEERS" tab or at


Will I be paid for my services?

All payments will be made to our nonprofit on our website, and will not go towards individual volunteers. These payments made on our website support our website, background check, and other expenses incurred by us.

Where do the payments go?

All payments go toward our nonprofit's operating costs, increasing our student and volunteer bases, background checks for our volunteers/tutors, and improving our services.

Do I need to ask my students to pay?

Please do not ask your students to pay money to yourself. We will send them an invoice every 2 weeks based on the amount of hours you tutored them. Please log these hours on the "LOG TUTORING HOURS" page on our website or at