Volunteer FAQs

Signing Up To Volunteer

How do I sign up to volunteer/tutor?

Thank you for considering to volunteer with us! You can join us by filling out the form on our "JOIN" page on our website at www.tutorsforchange.org/join-us

What volunteer positions do you have?

We have many volunteer positions at Tutors For Change, including tutors, team members, and educational video developers. Our tutors teach students online in a variety of subjects including Math, English, the Sciences, the Social Sciences, and more. Our team members work on our day-to-day operations, finance and fundraising, marketing and outreach, and planning events. Our video developers create educational videos on topics of their choice for folks to learn from on YouTube and our website.

What happens after I sign up?

After submitting your application to us at www.tutorsforchange.org/join-us, one of our team members will get in touch to schedule a short interview with you. This should be a chat about your interest in joining us, and a chance for you to ask us any quesitons you might have. After the interview, we'll let you know about any next steps for volunteering with us - these may include a background check, signing member agreements, and creating an account on our wesbite.


How do I schedule tutoring sessions with my student?

We will contact you when we have students who would like to get tutoring. If you agree to tutor them, then we will send you their contact information via email. You can contact the student (or their parent) using their contact info to schedule tutoring sessions with them.

How many hours per week do I need to tutor?

We do not have strict requirements on tutoring hours per week. On average, our tutors tutor 2-3 students, which is about 2-4 hours per week.

Do I need to log my tutoring hours?

Yes. Please log your tutoring hours on the "LOG TUTORING HOURS" page under the "FOR VOLUNTEERS" tab or at https://www.tutorsforchange.org/account/log-tutoring-hours.

What subjects can I tutor?

Tutors are welcome to tutor any subject areas and age ranges they feel confident and comfortable tutoring. Subject areas include math, english, the sciences, the social sciences, economics, world languages and more!

Are there any particular subjects highly requested for tutoring?

Areas where we need more tutors currently include: 1) Middle/high school Math (algebra, gemoetry, trigonometry, calculus) 2) SAT/ACT Prep (Math and English) 3) World languages (Spanish, French)


Will I be paid for my services?

All payments will be made to our nonprofit on our website, and will not go towards individual volunteers. These payments made on our website support our website, background check, and other expenses incurred by us.

Where do the payments go?

All payments go toward our nonprofit's operating costs, increasing our student and volunteer bases, background checks for our volunteers/tutors, and improving our services.

Do I need to ask my students to pay?

Please do not ask your students to pay money to yourself. We will send them an invoice every 2 weeks based on the amount of hours you tutored them. Please log these hours on the "LOG TUTORING HOURS" page on our website or at www.tutorsforchange.org/log-tutoring-hours

Team Members

What teams do you have?

We have four primary teams: Operations, Marketing, Finance, and Events. Each team is integral to our activities at Tutors For Change. Operations: Handles day-to-day operations including onboarding tutors, matching students with tutors, and analyzing our company data Marketing: Responsible for our digital and physical marketing, video marketing, and community outreach Finance: Helps manage our revenue, fundraise for donations, and write grants to help us fund our activities Events: Organizes and hosts educational events like seminars, discussions, lectures, science fairs, and more! We also have an Educational Video Deveopment (EViD) group that consists of individuals who create educational videos on topics of their choice for our YouTube and social media.

Can I join multiple teams?

Yes! You can join multiple teams if you would like. However, working on any one team is equivalent to 2-3 hours of work per week - so working on multiple teams requires a larger time commitment.

I have an idea for a team. Who can I talk to?

We welcome new and innovative ideas from everyone! If you have an idea that could help us achieve our vision, email us at executives@tutorsforchange.org. All our teams were born from ideas given to us by individuals outside our organization - they now direct the teams that they helped found!

Do I need prior experience to be a team member?

No. We welcome people to join our teams regardless of their experience working in that team's field. As we help our students learn, our team members constantly learn too!

Is there a minimum age limit for volunteers?

Yes, we only allow individuals above the age of 14 to volunteer with us.

Can I join a team if I live outside the United States?

Unfortunately, we do not onboard any individuals outside the United States onto our teams.

What does the onboarding and interview process look like?

After you submit your application to join our teams at www.tutorsforchange.org/join-us, we will reach out via email to schedule a 15-minute chat with you. This chat is a chance for us to get to know you, your experiences, and understand your interest in joining Tutors For Change. It is also an opportunity for you to ask us any questions you may have about volunteering with us. After the chat, we will send you a follow-up email that contains multiple important next steps. This includes a background-check survey, and a team member agreement. The background check survey helps us undertand whether you have had a background check in the past. If you have not, we will administer a background check on you through the National Center for Safety Intiatives (NCSI). We ensure all our volunteers are background checked before they join our organization. The team member agreement lays out team member responsibilities, our code of conduct, intellectual property rights, and more. After your team member agreement is signed and your background check has been cleared, we will add you to our Slack workspace and Google Drive. Then, you can start attending team meetings and work with us to create a world free of barriers to receiving a good education!

Background Checks

Do you conduct background checks on volunteers?

Yes, we background check all tutors and team members when they join Tutors For Change. The only volunteers exempt from background checks are those that do not interact with other members of Tutors For Change - currently these only include our educational video developers.

If I have an existing background check, do I need another one when I join Tutors For Change?

Yes - if your position requires a bckground check, you will need to go through our background check process when you join Tutors For Change.

How are background checks conducted?

We conduct all background checks through the National Center for Saftety Iniatives (NCSI), a 3rd party service that conducts background checks for employees and volunteers of multiple organizations. When a volunteer joins Tutors For Change, they receive an email from us with a link to start the background check process. Once the process is complete and the volunteer has a successful check, we invite them to join team meetings or start tutoring with us.

How long does the background check process take?

The length of the background check process largely depends on volunteer responsiveness to instructions from us and from NCSI. On average the process should take 4-7 days.