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Connecting you to tutors you need at 99 cents per hour. We're a nonprofit that literally tutors for change!


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With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we realize these are tough times for many families. That's why we and our tutors are offering to tutor students online in multiple subjects at the low cost of $0.99 per hour. Yes, we literally tutor for change! Sign up to get back on track today!

For Volunteer Tutors and Leadership Positions

During these challenging times, we need individuals who are willing to serve their communities. At Tutors For Change, we provide that opportunity to anyone who wants to volunteer with us as an online tutor or as an organizational leader. Our tutors and leaders are the lifeblood of our nonprofit. Join us now to make a long-term impact on communities across America!


For Donors

As a young nonprofit that strives to teach more students, empower more volunteer tutors, and create more community leaders every day, we rely on your generous donations to fund our efforts. If you are unable to join our nonprofit as an active member, please consider joining our effort by donating to us. All donations are welcome and much appreciated!



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