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All affiliated students, parents, tutors, staff, and administrators must agree to abide by the terms laid out in this code of conduct (“code”) when dealing with matters pertaining to Tutors For Change. Such matters include but are not limited to tutoring sessions and communicating with members of the Tutors For Change community.


  1. Please be courteous to all members of the Tutors For Change community

  2. Please conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times during a tutoring session, and while communicating with members of the Tutors For Change community

  3. Never insult a student or tutor in any way, directly or indirectly

  4. Never meet your student or tutor in person, even if the student specifically requests it

  5. Tutors should never ask for money to be paid to themselves from their students. All payments must be made on our website at

  6. Never use inappropriate language during a tutoring session or when communicating with a student or tutor

  7. Never engage in the consumption of, be, or appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during a tutoring session 

  8. Never engage in any sexual behavior with a student or tutor, including but not limited to discussing sexuality, wearing inappropriate clothing, or refraining from being fully clothed. Any violation of this policy will result in suspension, investigation, and possible law enforcement action upon the individual in question

  9. Please commit to attending a scheduled tutoring session at the mutually agreed upon day and time barring any unforeseen circumstances or cancellation of the tutoring session at least one day in advance by either the tutor or student


Failure to abide by this code can and will result in termination of services for a student and/or removal of a tutor or other company member from our nonprofit. For all questions regarding this code, please email We may make changes to this code from time to time. Continuing to use our services, continuing to tutor with us, or continuing to conduct business with us indicates your agreement to abide by the updated code of conduct.


This code of conduct is enforceable on and after October 20, 2020.

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