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We're a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit!
Thank you for visiting Tutors For Change! As a nonprofit that tutors for just 99 cents per hour, we rely on generous donations from people across America to fund our efforts. We strive to teach more students and empower more volunteers every day. Please consider donating to our nonprofit - all donations are welcome and much appreciated! Since we are 501c3 tax-exempt, your donation may be tax deductible!
Every $500 helps an additional 100 students get virtually free tutoring
Donating Money
Donations Are Currently Needed For
Website Expenses: Suggested Donation $10/month
Volunteer Background Checks: Suggested Donation $20/month
Other Expenses (Tax-Filing, Zoom, etc.) : Suggested Donation $5/month
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Through Amazon Smile, Amazon donates 0.5% of all your purchases made at to us, at no cost to you! You can sign up to support us here.
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You can also donate to us via check made out to Tutors For Change!
Please mail checks to us at:
13395 Voyager Pkwy Ste 130-733
Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80921
If your donation amount exceeds $250, we will mail a receipt to you if a return address is provided. You may also request an electronic receipt for any donation amount here.