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Thank you for visiting Tutors For Change! As a nonprofit that tutors for just 99 cents per hour, we rely on generous donations from people across America to fund our efforts. We strive to teach more students, empower more volunteer tutors, and create more community leaders every day. Please consider donating to our nonprofit - all donations are welcome and much appreciated!
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Website Expenses: Suggested Donation $4.99
Nonprofit Tax Filing Expenses: Suggested Donation $9.99
Small Business Insurance: Suggested Donation $19.99
Tutor Background Checks: Suggested Donation $24.99
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If you would like to donate or pay a custom amount above $5.00, please visit our GoFundMe to do so.
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Thank you for reaching out to get tutoring with us! One of our tutors will contact you after you submit this form. Payment for tutoring can be submitted at this link after your tutoring session(s).
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