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Summer@TutorsForChange 2021

Welcome to Summer@TutorsForChange 2021! Although all our programs for Summer 2021 have ended, we plan to bring them back next year!



You can sign up for any or all of them!


Coding Camp

Empty Classroom

2-week Crash Courses

College Campus

College and Application Prep

Coding Camp
Deep-Dive Topics Exploration
2021 Crash Courses (Completed)

Through Summer@TutorsForChange, we offer some fun 2-week online crash courses for K-12 students in topics like beginner coding, creative writing, frontiers of science, and starting/running a business!

Our background-checked tutors will use Google Classroom to teach these courses. Each course is 2 weeks long and features 30-minute deep-dives every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday into topics within the course.

You can sign up for as few or as many courses as you want, for free!

Past Courses

Kaleidoscope of Arts (Elementary/Middle School) 

June 21 - July 2   MWF 5-6 PM MT

A two-week course teaching students to harness their unique creativity through origami, rock painting, photography, and Rubik's cube solving

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Frontiers of Science (Elementary/Middle School)

July 12 - July 23   MWF 5-6 PM MT

A journey through guided and engaging explorations of a variety of science topics, ranging from space to biology to sustainability and more!

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Beginner Coding (Middle/High School) 

June 7 - June 18   MWF 5-6 PM MT

Through our beginner Coding Camp, we offer a fun beginner-level project-based exploration of programming in Scratch and Java

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College Prep
2021 College-Prep Workshops and Panels (Completed)

This summer, we will offer some very informative online workshops and panel discussions for high school students planning to go to college. At Tutors For Change, we realize how stressful the college application process is, and hope that our programs can help guide students through the application and college experience.

Our college-prep workshops and discussions take place on Sundays in July at 10-11 AM Mountain Time, and are open to all high school students. And remember, they're free to attend!

College Prep Schedule

College/App. Experience Panel Discussion

July 17  10-11 AM Mountain Time

Chat with panelists from all stages of the college experience, including current undergraduates, recently accepted students, and graduates

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College App/Essay/Interview Seminar

July 24  10-11 AM Mountain Time

Learn about the college application process, writing essays, and admissions interviews from admissions officers, college/career counselors, and current undergraduates

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